Blaire Cooks Up A Plan (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2019)

Title: Blaire Cooks Up A Plan (American Girl: Girl of the Year 2019)
Series: American Girl: Girl of the Year 2019 #2
Published by: Scholastic, Inc.
Release Date: December 26, 2018
Contributors: Judit Mallol, Illustrator
Genre: Chapter Books
Age Range: 1338267183
Pages: 176
ISBN13: 978-1338267181

In the second book in her series: A goat that does tricks. A lamb in pajamas. A celebrity designer who offers Blaire the decorating opportunity of a lifetime. Things are never boring in Blaire’s world. School gets interesting, too. Blaire’s determined to find a BIG idea for the Community Service Challenge. Her project becomes personal when she befriends a young girl at the local food pantry. With a love of cooking and a farm full of fresh ingredients, Blaire soon has a plan for making a difference. But it’s going to take help from her whole class—including a mysterious new kid—to keep Blaire’s creativity from becoming a catastrophe.

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