Butterfly Wishes 3: Blue Rain’s Adventure

Title: Butterfly Wishes 3: Blue Rain's Adventure
Series: Butterfly Wishes #3
Published by: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: April 3, 2018
Contributors: Illustrated by Tracy Bishop
Genre: Chapter Books
Age Range: 7-10
Pages: 128
ISBN13: 978-1681193755

Sisters Addie and Clara have just moved to a new house in the country, where they discover that their backyard is a gateway to the enchanted realm of magical butterflies called Wishing Wings. These special butterflies have the power to make wishes come true!

Addie and Clara are finally settling into their new neighborhood when they meet a boy named Oliver, who seems to be having trouble making friends. Then, their butterfly friends Sky Dance and Shimmer Leaf tell them that a new butterfly named Blue Rain has just emerged and is acting grumpy and mean to everyone! Surely it's a dark enchantment at work . . . but just who is responsible? It's up to Addie and Clara to help Oliver and Blue Rain -- or help them help each other!

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