The Aristokittens #2: The Great Biscuit Bake-Off

Title: The Aristokittens #2: The Great Biscuit Bake-Off
Series: Disney's The Aristokittens #2
Published by: Disney Press
Release Date: April 19, 2022
Contributors: Illustrated by Sydney Hanson
Genre: Chapter Books
Age Range: 5-8
Pages: 128
ISBN13: 978-1368069731
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Meet the Aristokittens, a trio of siblings with big (and delicious) plans! After meeting three new puppy friends, kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse have a wonderful idea: they’ll host a Dog Biscuit Bake-Off at their café! Toulouse can’t wait to enter and prove that he’s more than just the café’s artist. But the competition gets hairy, fast, when he and Marie join rival teams--and Berlioz is caught in the middle. Will the Bake-Off be a grand success, or a doggone disaster?

Filled with mystery, humor, and friendship, each book in the Aristokittens series expands the world of Disney's The Aristocats through the eyes of its iconic kitten trio . . . and is the perfect recipe for fun!

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