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School Visits

For Grades 2-5

  • In my author visit program entitled "Toy Stories," students are encouraged to bring a favorite doll or stuffy to class for a "tea party" and writing workshop. I will read from Blaire: American Girl, Girl of the Year 2019 and answer questions about what is was like to work with American Girl to develop this doll's character and books. Then I will guide students through a short writing workshop where they can develop short stories about their own toy. This program can also be run as a fundraiser for libraries and Parent-Teacher Organizations and include a raffle for a Blaire doll.
  • In my author visit program entitled "Secret Worlds." I give students a behind-the-scenes look at how the Butterfly Wishes series took shape, exploring the process of developing an idea into a finished book. We focus on the theme of "secret worlds" in books, TV shows, and movies they're familiar with, looking at how strong characters and plot make for a great story. I lead the students through a fun, collaborative writing workshop that empowers them to dream up their own "secret worlds" and story ideas.
  • For Grades 6-12

    My author visit program for grades 6 to 12 is entitled “The Story of a Book.” I take students on an interactive, multimedia “insider’s tour” of a novel’s journey from inspiration to publication, sharing every step of the process with complete transparency. Along the way, I engage students with elements that are relevant to their own writing experiences, such as how to develop characters and setting, map a story’s plot points, and strengthen descriptive language. I’ve found that young people love getting this behind-the-scenes peek into a professional author’s experience and how a book comes together. My visits can also be tailored to focus on specific concepts and include hands-on writing exercises when appropriate.

    I also conduct Skype visits with classes, library groups, and book clubs.

    Feel free to contact me for more information and availability!


    For The Beginning of After:
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