Manuscript Coaching & Editing Services

Do you have a manuscript that’s ready for the next step? Maybe you’re gearing up for submission to agents. Maybe you’ve been working on a book for so long, you can’t see it clearly. Maybe you know you need to improve your story, but aren’t sure how. This is where getting a professional pair of eyes on your pages can really make a difference and deepen your writing skills in a personal, unique way. A great editor will identify a project’s strengths and weaknesses, focusing not just on your specific work but providing tools and insights you can use in the future. Unlike with friends or family, a professional editor’s critique will be unbiased and provide information gleaned from years of experience in the publishing industry.

I’ve written a lot of books. I’ve worked with a range of different editors. I’ve taught many writing workshops. I’ve learned something valuable and improved as a writer with every single one of them. My years as a copywriter and content creator have let me explore various approaches to telling stories powerfully and economically to diverse audiences. I provide freelance manuscript critiques because I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned on both sides of the editing process, and feel it’s absolutely the best way to get a personalized one-on-one “master class” in writing a novel.

How My Manuscript Editing Services Work

I read your manuscript and provide comments directly on the page; these will range from line edits and copy edit fixes, to questions, suggestions, and discussion of story elements and aspects of the writer’s craft. I’ll look at plot structure, character development, dialogue, pacing, and sentence-level work. I then summarize the book’s strengths and weaknesses in a (minimum) two page report, outlining suggested revisions and the “big picture” of where to go next with the manuscript. A follow-up phone call can also be helpful to make sure all questions get answered and the writer knows exactly what to do next.

I prefer to read manuscripts electronically but can also work with printed versions. Complete novels only, please. My specialty is realistic fiction for any audience, but I work with all genres.

References available upon request.


$2.50 per page, based on the following format:

1” margin at top and bottom of page; 1.25” margin on left and right. Font should be Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12pt.

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